Bring HOPE by 10 Cents Only

10 cents 4 a family project is birthed from a God-given burden to reach out people and families in need.

This project desires to reach the needy individuals, families and communities by raising funds by collecting $0.10 refund bottles and cans. It is the minimum effort from you with the maximum benefit for those who are feeling it tough through every crisis and calamities that life throws.

The project was born on 2nd Jan 2019 by a Godly given burden to the heart of Georgi Thomas who is the founder of The Mustard Seed Project. We at times see people eating food from a trash bin. Sometimes we stare or sometimes we help  but most of the times we ignore that person. This is where the 10 cents project shows its value and support the community. We go back  to the same trash or rubbish bins and collects those bottles where its considered as rubbish or a landfill and give a second life to those bottles by recycling it. Every 10 cents we raise by recycling goes to the community in the form of food or essential necessities. Moreover the environment is safe guarded by our tiny action. As mentioned above, the journey started from 2nd Jan 2019 and the Mustard Seed started growing eventually as a registered charity organisation in Australia.

We believe a single Bottle or a single Can can change someone’s destiny. We restore a person’s needs and hopes by our work

Our dream is to see a day without hunger and a clean & safe environment.