If we can change a person’s destiny by our tiny actions , then it is called as a Miracle

The Mustard Seed Project is a non-profit, ecumenical charitable organization operating in Australia. We are dedicated to eliminating poverty across the globe and to making adequate, affordable basics accessible for the less fortunate. Our vision is to restore the dreams and hopes of individuals, families & communities who are fighting it tough.


To reach hundreds of individuals and families throughout the coming days by collecting 10cents refund commodities and indirectly saving the environment we live in.


As the name suggests, our action can be as small as a mustard seed but as the seed grows to be a big tree on good soil, similarly our good actions will lead to a positive impact on the community. Our Goal as the Mustard Seed Team is to reach 100s of individuals/families in need each year and everyone can be part of this mission by collecting 10cents refund commodities for this cause and indirectly also protecting the environment we all share to live.

Who all are benefited?

We are taught to love our neighbour as ourselves, so this project seeks to benefit all our neighbour in real need by lifting them up in their difficult times. We have been blessed to support many Australian families by paying medical bills, supporting Salvos, sponsoring homeless people with food & toiletries, feeding few who needs, starting a Kindergarten and partnering with Childhood Cancer Foundation Australia & Mission Australia.

Georgi Thomas  & Minu Georgi ( Founding Members )

A Godly Burden which came to their heart precisely on 2nd January 2019 made this project alive.

” We have seen numerous people in Australia eating leftover food from a trash bin or who can’t afford to pay their bills led us to think how we can support our own community next to us”.

We believe we can change someone’s Destiny by our actions.

Christy Ninan ( Secretary )

“It is my passion to assist and be of help to those in need. Arriving in Australia two years ago, I yearned to get into the community and give a helping hand in the best possible way I can. This is when my friend, Georgi received a calling for this project. I was overwhelmingly enthusiastic about executing this along with him and here we are today with so many success stories and so many lives being changed.”


Lauren ( Joint Treasurer )

“I believe it is a blessing to work with like – minded people to help the community “

Nathan ( Joint Secretary )

“I believe whatever I do for others is like doing for God.  I do everything for the glory of God”